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Implementation of the CRM system "Bitrix 24"

Bitrix 24 CRM for Amanat

— The insurance company has been providing insurance services to individuals and legal entities in the Republic of Kazakhstan for more than twenty years.

Main issues

  • Every day, the company receives hundreds of customer inquiries, so it is necessary to process them quickly. There was a need for all inquiries from various communication channels (phone, social media, feedback forms on the website) to be centralized for a quick response from managers, and also for customer information to be quickly and fully accessible;
  • From the management's perspective, it is important to see all information about how managers interact with customers to assess the quality of service;
  • For the HR department, an internal platform was required for training new employees.

Tasks of the project

  • Integration of Bitrix24 with other company information systems;
  • Connection of social networks (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram);
  • CRM setup;
  • Setting up the educational platform.

Results of Implementation

  • Integrated the company's internal PBX with Bitrix24 using a SIP connector. This solution allows flexible configuration of the entire telephony system. One of these settings is the system's ability to check which managers are at their workplaces and can quickly respond to clients using the workday tracking module.
  • The Facebook and Telegram social networks were connected using the standard capabilities of Bitrix24. For integrating WhatsApp and Instagram, the Wazzup service is utilized. All messages from these communication channels are directed to open lines in Bitrix24, allowing communication to be conducted in one place without the need to switch between different windows.
  • Integration of Bitrix24 with the company's AD/LDAP. Employees no longer need to manage multiple accounts separately; they use a single Active Directory account everywhere.
  • Integration with the company's internal information (master) system. For instance, when a customer calls for the first time, data from the master system is pulled up, providing the operator with comprehensive information about the customer on the call card. Information about the customer and their contracts is transmitted.

Setting up

  • Setting up Leads – their stages, card types for managers and executives, source types;
  • Creating a direction in deals for managing insurance contracts;
  • Creating robots and business processes for automating routine actions;
  • Creating CRM forms for the website using WebHook;
  • Analytics on Leads is configured for management. The ability to view the call log and listen to conversation recordings, as well as view correspondence with clients in messengers and social networks.
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