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Business Process Automation
through the Implementation of «Bitrix24»

Bitrix 24 CRM system for Alpha Safety

— expert in technical support of industrial safety in the mining industry

Bitrix 24 CRM system for Alpha Safety Bitrix 24 CRM system for Alpha Safety

Together with partners, they develop and implement new solutions for the proposed equipment, specific to the Eurasian Economic Union market.

For over 10 years, the company has been providing a safe working environment for our clients, both on the surface and underground, delivering the most modern and best solutions in the industry.

Project tasks

  • Speed up the process of paper workflow;
  • Provide better service for customers;
  • Increase the flow of concurrent clients, boost profits;
  • Enhance quality control.
Bitrix 24 CRM system for Alpha Safety Bitrix 24 CRM system for Alpha Safety

System specifications

  • For projects with government organizations, equipment orders are processed without prepayment; in other cases, only after the advance payment is made according to the terms of the contract;
  • The technical department goes to the installation only after the equipment has been delivered to the customer;
  • Documents are issued only after the signing of the acceptance certificate, and so on;
  • Ordering installation parts occurs only if they are not in stock. If some parts are in stock, only the missing parts are included in the order.

Implementation Stages

  1. Business process analysis, task identification. Information gathering, communication with staff.
  2. Compilation of technical specifications.
  3. Architecture, design: hardware, network, interaction between subsystems.
  4. Project development, implementation.
  5. Testing.
  6. Project migration to live servers.
  7. Test operation.
  8. Support, project modernization.
Bitrix 24 CRM system for Alpha Safety

Achieved goals

  • Automation and acceleration of all "slow-moving" processes in the company;
  • Minimization of unnecessary labor costs for paperwork and approvals;
  • Systematization of employee work, a "conveyor" has been created;
  • Elimination of errors and the human factor like "forgot to submit";
  • Achieved the ability to control the process at any stage;
  • Achieved the ability to create reports on all business processes;
  • Access to all document data is available without holding them in hand from anywhere in the world;
  • Systematized and automated the service delivery database;
  • Systematized and automated the sales database;
  • Streamlined or fully automated routine work;
  • Automated and simplified the work process of field employees.
Bitrix 24 CRM system for Alpha Safety Bitrix 24 CRM system for Alpha Safety

The entire functionality of the integrated CRM system is also available in the "Bitrix 24" mobile application.

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