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Implementation of CRM system «Bitrix24»
for business Process automation

Bitrix 24 CRM for KazInterPlus

— The transport company "KazInterPlus" specializes in international road freight transportation.

Main problems

Before the implementation of the Bitrix24 portal, the company faced the following problems and needs:

  • The number of drivers was increasing, and control over task execution was limited;
  • Difficulty in tracking the location of vehicles on the road;
  • Processes of accountants and customer service employees were not automated, documents (contracts, transportation requests, waybills) were created manually;
  • Difficulty in exchanging information with drivers on the road;
  • HR processes were not automated: hiring, dismissal, obtaining various documents for drivers, certificates, visas, etc.;
  • There was no common information space for employees;
  • Calculating costs and payments for transportation was challenging;
  • Company records (contacts, contracts, other information) were maintained on paper manually.
Bitrix 24 CRM for KazInterPlus

Project tasks

  • Create a personal account for the company's clients with the ability to register, submit applications, and track requests;
  • Integrate Bitrix24 with 1C: exchange directories, automatically create documents in 1C;
  • Automate tasks for drivers and other employees;
  • Create functionality to easily track cargo, vehicles, or drivers;
  • Integrate the portal with the Wialon GPS tracking system;
  • Receive clear data on costs, driver payments, and profits for transportation;
  • Implement accounting and company management. Automate processes: create and approve contracts;
  • Automate HR processes: hiring, firing;
  • Automate most of the company's paperwork: obtain visas, obtain Kazato certificates, and more.

Special Conditions

  • All systems and company information had to be physically located on its premises, so it was decided to use the boxed version of CRM;
  • The director should have ownership of all information, business processes, tasks of employees, approval of key documents, contracts, and requests;
  • In all company processes, there should be as little human actions and decisions involved as possible, meaning the automation of as many business processes as possible;

Stages of Implementation

  1. Examination of company business processes, identification of tasks.
  2. Compilation of technical specifications.
  3. Architecture, design: hardware, network, interaction between subsystems.
  4. Development, project implementation.
  5. Testing.
  6. Project migration to production servers.
  7. Test operation.
  8. Support, project modernization.
Bitrix 24 CRM for KazInterPlus
Bitrix 24 CRM for KazInterPlus

After analyzing the client's tasks and needs, the most suitable tool for project implementation was chosen - Bitrix24, which was integrated with 1C: Enterprise.

The client company and the contractor company are located in different cities, but it did not affect the quality of work execution. On-site visits were only required during the inspection of the company to write the technical specifications.

It was challenging to prioritize automation objects; equally important was to automate the work of the client, accountant, mechanic, and driver. However, the main priority was given to accounting processes and driver tasks.

To address these tasks, a lot of attention was paid to the "CRM Business Processes" tool.

Bitrix 24 CRM for KazInterPlus
Bitrix 24 CRM for KazInterPlus

Implemented cartographic representation of the current location of vehicles in applications. Information on vehicle stops (how much time spent where), the track of the route taken, notifications about passed geozones, and more are available. The personal account was implemented with proper display on mobile devices.

Driver processes automation:

Drivers needed a way to interact with the portal, perform tasks, and share information about their location, cargo status, and other details in real-time.

In this situation, the Bitrix24 mobile application was very useful. Each driver was provided with a tablet device where they could perform all these actions. The presence of this application significantly reduced the development time of the solution. There were many advantages to its use.

Automating the tasks of the accountant:

It was necessary to automatically generate a contract for the client and send it to their email. To solve this, the "Document Designer" tool was chosen. With its help, based on the data entered about the company and pre-prepared templates, a document in DOCX or PDF format could be generated and sent to the email.

Bitrix 24 CRM for KazInterPlus

Solutions in Architecture

  • The design of interactions between different subsystems and the portal posed a complex challenge. The key nodes included 1C, the official website (hosted on a different server), and the Bitrix24 portal. The choice of the exchange protocol is crucial for security, and a SOAP protocol was used between the nodes.
  • Before the implementation of the Bitrix24 portal, the primary source of information was 1C. According to the director's requirements, it was necessary to transfer the creation of primary data (reference books) to the portal. In other words, the principle "First created in the portal, then transferred to 1C" had to be implemented. There were quite a few reference books and documents. As a result of complex work, the management of key reference books (lists) and documents was transferred to the portal, and synchronization between CRM -> 1C was configured.
  • Integration of the portal, website, and 1C with the Wialon GPS system was carried out. A GPS sensor was installed on each vehicle. The system provides data on the current location and the route taken. Fuel costs are automatically transferred to 1C for transport reporting.

The entire functionality of the integrated CRM system is also available in the mobile application "Bitrix 24."

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