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Why should you renew your "1C-Bitrix" subscription?


When purchasing or developing an online store, the client may not be aware that they will receive an offer to regularly update the system in the future. The developer may not notify them, simply not paying enough attention to the fact that the system will need to be updated later.

Often, the owner or project manager only finds out a year later that the "1C-Bitrix" license is expiring. The system starts to notify them by issuing a warning on a red background that is difficult to miss.

Of course, some immediately think that the developer is to blame for installing some "wrong" version of the system. Although in reality, it is wiser to find out the expiration date of the license before even starting to develop or purchase a ready-made online store.

In any case, the cost of renewal is considered later, as well as other key points.

Need for license extension

An active license of "1C-Bitrix" has several advantages.

The system is regularly updated

Developers monitor new e-commerce trends and implement them in the form of new features. This happens not only twice a year during major releases, but also during planned small updates several times a week. Modules and components are updated, errors and bugs are fixed. So you can be sure of the functionality of your online store.

Cloud services are available

Each of these services has its own features:

  • The "1C-Bitrix" website inspector checks the availability of websites, the relevance of domains, licenses, and SSL;
  • Backups are stored in the cloud, not on the server, increasing data security.

The need for license renewal

An active "1C-Bitrix" license has several advantages.

The system is regularly updated

Developers track new e-commerce trends and implement them in the form of new features. This happens not only twice a year during major releases, but also during several small updates several times a week. Modules and components are updated, errors and bugs are fixed. So you can be confident in the functionality of your online store.

Cloud services are available

Each of these services has its own functions:

  • The "1C-Bitrix" site inspector checks the availability of sites, the relevance of domains, licenses and SSL;
  • Backups are saved in the cloud, not on the server, increasing data security.

The system performance is improving

Requirements for page loading speed become more stringent every year. The larger and more complex the platform, the more criticism it will receive, so "1C-Bitrix" developers take user feedback into account.

The system begins to work faster after updates due to several components. Among them:

  • The new D7 kernel. Modules and components of the system are adapted and rewritten for it, releasing the next update.
  • The use of the "composite site" technology. Although it appeared relatively long ago, it still remains effective. Implementing such functionality with just one button allows you to speed up your online store without involving developers.
  • Increasing the PHP version to 7 and beyond. How well the project will work also depends on the language on which it is written. So, when new versions of PHP are introduced, the entire system starts to work much more efficiently and faster, immediately adapting to the most relevant innovations.

Developers are not limited to the listed elements. The system speed is regularly increasing. And although it is impossible to eliminate all bugs at once, objective tests confirm the growth of stability and performance of the platform.

Security is maintained

Protection against hacker attacks and other external threats is what "1C-Bitrix" pays enough attention to. The developers themselves conduct a "crash test" of their own platform, testing its resistance to hacking. The goal is to make the level of data security even higher.

Throughout the entire period that the system has existed, users and partners have noted its high security. This confirms that the team is currently able to cope with tasks in this area. As long as the license is active, the security elements are also updated in a timely manner, maintaining it at the proper level.

Access to the "Marketplace" is preserved

On this platform, customers can get:

  • Required ready-made solutions and templates;
  • Paid modules for the platform;
  • Free modules.

Of course, the team of developers of "1C-Bitrix" does not cover all aspects of e-commerce without exception. But it is precisely thanks to the "Marketplace" that it is possible to make the system extremely universal. Hardly any serious project today will be able to work fully without a module or ready-made solution from this catalog, even if it is a free offer.

To access any module or template, paid or free, you must have a valid "1C-Bitrix" license. If the license is inactive, access to the catalog cannot be obtained.

Here are just a few examples of solutions that make it possible to expand the functionality of an online store on the "1C-Bitrix" platform:

  • Content parser - designed to integrate the product range of suppliers with an online store, to fill the "1C-Bitrix" site with content.
  • Integration with CRM "Bitrix24" - as the name suggests, provides two-way integration of the store with the customer relationship management system.
  • Smart filter SEO - makes it possible to significantly increase traffic by creating unique smart filter pages.
  • Multi-regionality - provides for the deployment of a project that will use regional subdomains. The same site will be able to independently determine where the user is located, in order to show the necessary content depending on this. These can be offered products (goods or services), prices in a certain currency, the location of the nearest warehouses, phone numbers, records of events, and so on.
  • Lead generator CRM "Bitrix24" - automatic lead generation is not limited to work. Other entities are also created based on data obtained by analyzing information from the "1C-Bitrix" site.
  • CRM tools - provides for the expansion of the "Bitrix24" CRM functions.
  • Marketing mailings - email mailings are personalized and automated. This can provide your project with a higher level of sales, make the brand more recognizable. Moreover, this will not require any large expenses.
  • 1C tools - the unification of trade conducted both online and in person, through a single discount system. Also - the expansion of standard exchange functions in 1C.
  • Complex reviews, comments, questions - setting up an analytical system for working with user data for the project.

By skillfully using the modules offered in the "Marketplace" catalog, you can quickly bring your project to a leading position. What cannot be implemented using built-in functions remains inaccessible when accessing the catalog of additional solutions until the license is renewed.

Priority of technical support is higher

Employees of "1C-Bitrix" will respond to a request in any case, even if there is no active license at the moment. However, in the first place, they serve those customers who are the holders of a valid license. A prompt response to a created ticket can be decisive when it is necessary to avoid unforeseen expenses.

Risks without an active license

If an online store operates for some time without updating the platform, this creates several risks at once. Here are the main ones:

  • The project owner remains out of touch with new e-commerce trends, while competitors take advantage of them and reap benefits.
  • Without backup copies in the cloud, the disk server becomes a weak point. Once it fails, all databases and backup copies will be lost.
  • Without up-to-date platform updates, it is not possible to switch to a newer version of PHP to improve site performance.
  • The management of the online store decided to increase traffic with the help of SEO. However, although such tools are presented in the "Marketplace" catalog, they can only be used with an active license.
  • After contacting technical support, it is only possible to receive a response the next day or even later. The fact is that priority is given to holders of an active "1C-Bitrix" license.

Based on the listed risks, it is wiser not to skimp on updates. The costs of updates will in any case be much lower than potential losses due to various unpleasant situations. It is better to immediately take advantage of the opportunity to renew the existing license and gain access to the full capabilities of the platform.

Recommendations for users

Experts give several pieces of advice for those who want to use the possibilities of "1C-Bitrix" for their online store:

  • Develop with future updates in mind. It is important that the performer takes into account the further updates of the project. At the same time, many developers take into account only the tasks that are relevant at the moment, without thinking about further development. Because of this, the site may partially or even completely lose its functionality after the update, especially a major one.
  • Do not accept dubious offers. If the studio or an individual developer offers a discount to renew the "1C-Bitrix" license, then first of all, this indicates a violation of the partnership agreement with the platform developer. Therefore, the seriousness and honesty of such a partner can be doubted: he is quite capable of violating the agreement if it is beneficial to him.

By using the listed expert recommendations, you can develop and run your online store on "1C-Bitrix" from the very beginning in such a way that the platform's application brings only profit. Most financial and technical problems can be avoided in advance.

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