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How to configure product catalog for an online store with trade offers


What is called a characteristic of a product? What is accounting by additional characteristics in 1C? A characteristic can be a color, size, or some other addition. For example, let's take a look at the characteristics of a product position in 1C: Trade Management 11.3. First, it is necessary to check if this setting is active. This is done in the "NSI and administration" tab, and then in the system parameters section.

Correct handling of user behavior

A dialogue with a website user should not be annoying. It is unlikely that anyone will like an invitation to communicate, persistently repeated when trying to switch to another page, switch tabs, or simply when inactive for a long time. Impolitely popping up pop-up windows and an interactive consultant will rather cause a negative reaction: the client is unlikely to want to continue interacting.

An important rule: the invitation to dialogue should be relevant to the content. This means that it should look different on different pages of the site. For example, when viewing detailed product characteristics, you can offer an online consultation with a specialist, and if the client is interested in delivery methods, build an interactive map of locations. If the visitor refused help, it is unlikely that the same service should be offered again.

A scripted dialogue is not suitable for processing online requests. This means that a live person, not a bot, should react and answer questions. At the same time, basic rules of business communication have not been canceled:

  • The response to the user's request should follow within a few seconds. If all operators are busy in chats, it is unlikely that it is worth inviting new visitors to communicate.
  • It is better to invite a user to a dialogue who has had time to get acquainted with the contents of the page. Give them time to read and think, and then offer to ask questions. There are no universal recommendations here, but statistically, the client should spend at least 30 seconds on the page to "ripen" for communication.
  • If the user refused communication, repeating the invitation is simply impolite.

Customer wants benefit, not advertisement

Standard impersonal statements like "Here you can get answers to any questions" do not contribute to activating user interest: if a person has visited the website, they are trying to solve a specific problem, and a conversation with a consultant "about everything" does not represent any value to them.

Try to put yourself in the customer's shoes. What specific questions might they have? For example, when viewing a catalog section, draw their attention to discount offers and offer consultation on questions about optimal operating characteristics. When studying a product in detail, offer to select possible options from other brands. This way the customer will see real benefit from the communication and will be more likely to agree to a dialogue with the operator.

If there are promo banners on the website, the perfect scenario may look like this: offer to select the necessary product or service, tell them about possible discounts and benefits. When a customer comes from an ad on an external resource, tell them more about the essence of the offer. Do not try to sell everything at once: the user needs specifics, they came for it.

Online consultant as a business tool

When integrating an online chat with a CRM system, the history of correspondence with the customer will be saved. This will allow different operators to view the log of requests, personalize requests and offers, and offer individual conditions.

The history of the user's behavior on the site is also of interest for marketing analysis. What specific query did the customer come with, what pages of the site did they view, geolocation, and user device - all this data can be obtained from standard SEO metrics. The more you know about the customer, the faster and more efficiently you can help them solve the problem.

Responding instantly to a message is a useful lifehack to maintain interest. Technically, the functionality is implemented very simply: the operator in real-time mode can see exactly what message the user is typing. Answering a question that has not yet been asked is a high-level art, but there is nothing difficult about it.

Rule 4. Save the visitor's time

If you're online, don't ask the user to fill out a feedback form - respect their time. Communicate in a dialogue format without forcing them to fill out feedback form fields.

As for us: if the operator is online, the site visitor does not need to leave a phone number or email. They can write to the operator immediately.

Time is money

Online chat implies real-time dialogue, just like a phone conversation. If you can't process the request immediately, the point of online consultation is lost. In this case, be honest with the user that the operators are busy, apologize, and offer to fill out a feedback form with a promise to get in touch as soon as possible. Be prepared for the fact that the lack of prompt response will significantly reduce conversion rates.

To improve the situation, the chat for online consultations can be connected only during working hours or only for a specific audience. The latter option requires complex targeting settings but shows high efficiency.

Minimal effort to achieve the goal

For online consultations or order processing, do not require users to provide excessive information. For example, if you asked for a mobile phone number, you don't need to ask for an email. The question of the date of birth is essentially beyond decency. Requests to specify the location and the source of information about the company are redundant: take this information from the metrics and don't make the user fill out a form. Complex and confusing forms are off-putting: visitors don't want to fill them out, and they leave the site without placing an order.

To set up an online consultant properly, it is enough to enter the user's world and try to bring them value. Deep integration with business processes will help convert the customer into a regular one. The software JivoSite really increases the volume of effective sales.

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